Apr 13, 2014


Hype is real, hit like!


Official websites maybe coming later. We have much plans with this shit but let's see which of them will become true haha.

Apr 5, 2014


This was the last day of season in Kokonniemi. Thx to Henri Laiho, the man in the first picture for shooting the rest pictures.

So far the biggest one footed trick I've done.

Trying to feel comfortable with one before the double.

My first double backflip. I almost landed, came down on feet but then fell down and got a headache and now I might have to wait for next winter before trying it again...

Mar 12, 2014

Go home winter, you are drunk

First outdoor bmx sessions of the year and it's early march! I was a bit lost 'cause the little brake of riding but no can do. Maybe I get to ride more soon. Pretty fun that you can go snowboarding and the next day go ride bmx outdoors. Oh and today there's 100 mornings of army left! I could say that the worst is starting to be behind.

Ken gapping

Have you met Ken? One of my best friends and the man behind the next three pictures.


Walltap to fakie, this was scary one.

Mar 8, 2014

Spring up spring

Finally a proper photo of my newer tattoo! It's Charles Allan Gilbert's painting "All is vanity" from 1892. Now I'm just waiting for new ideas and trying to save some money. Cant wait to get more ink in my arms.

These may have be seen allready in facebook but anyway now they're here too. Weird winter when you can ride bikes outdoors in the late february...

Mar 5, 2014

Complicated simpleness

About a week ago we got back from Estonia where we spent a weekend. Simple fucking session. It was as awesome as expected and I could say that I'm looking forvard to next year allready! I enjoyed also having a little break from armystuff. On next week there will be 100 mornings left...

It seems to be so that snowboarding season might end a bit earlier than usually. It's a shame because I haven't had enough time from army to enjoy the season. On the other hand I don't mind an earlier spring and bmx season starting sooner.
I just had to do this 'cause I hadn't done it before...

Feb 3, 2014


Remember the headline of this post! It's going to be big! It's been a while since I've been this hyped about something...

Here's a few pics that don't have anything to do with the headline stuff.